Motivated by innovation, our company is dedicated to providing high-quality products for customers. Currently, as a leading supplier worldwide, we are here to provide customers with high-quality electric heaters, electric fans, electric oven and warming plates.
We are highly productive, since the annual output of electric heaters and other products adds up to 3.5 million units. Besides, we are nominated by our European and American customers as the supplier of several types of products in Mainland China.
Here is our name: KARSON.
KARSON was started in 1996. Its precursor was Guangdong Shunde Jiajishang Hardware Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. which mainly produced hardware fittings and heating elements for electric heaters. In the 21st century, China’s economy has been developing rapidly, and the open door policy hasstimulated foreign investment and trade, whereby the good cheap labor in China can get more salary and produce products of higher price for the world market. Seizing this opportunity, KARSON moved to Nantou town, Zhongshan city, and there was renamed as Zhongshan Qianshang Electric Co., Ltd. In 2013, it invested 50,000,000 yuan in the ......

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